the Lupine Cottage

Gift Certificate Winners
For June:  Elizabeth Gibson, Marion MA
For July:  Meg Williams, Stratford CT

Lupine Cottage Opening The Front Lawn for Guest Artisans. Click here to find out the amazing details!

Check out some Great Gift Ideas!! Give that special gift that is one of a kind, and Maine Made!

Hand Painted Home Decor by Barbara Johnson

cheese box


cheese box


Art for Your Walls by Ben Hall

Come Boating

Come Boating (Original)

14 ½” x 17 ½”

The Pier

The Pier (Framed Print)

10 x 16

Canvas by Bob Hirshberg

seaplane canvas

20 x 16  Antique Hudson

seaplane canvas

24 x 18 Cherokee

More Home Decor by Patrick Roy

Ivy leaf napkin rings in copper

Wrought Iron Jewelry Tree

Birch leaf fridge magnet

Wrought Iron Ring Door Knocker

Wrougth iron fixed plant hangers

Wrought Iron fixed plant hangers

Birch leaf fridge magnet

Wrought Iron Door Stops

maine art coop
petite taway